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Over 1,000 delegates expected during the three-day forum to discuss and collaborate on African trade and investment

Cairo, August 1, 2017 – The Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation of Egypt and COMESA Regional Investment Agency announced today the holding of Africa 2017, a high-level forum offering participants an unparalleled platform for promoting trade and investment within Africa. The Forum will be held under the High Patronage of H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt on 7-9 December 2017, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The three-day conference will convene high-level delegations of leaders in business and policy from across Africa and worldwide, including heads of state and some of the most important CEOs of the continent.

Africa 2017 will kick-off with a Young Entrepreneurs Day (YED) that will bring together emerging entrepreneurs with more established ones, in addition to mentors, start-up hubs, angel investors and venture capital firms, to share ideas, network and help drive further the business ideas of tomorrow. The Africa 2017 YED has partnered with top-notch incubators, entrepreneurship programmes and VC funds. Egypt is known across Africa and the Middle East to have developed pro-innovation ecosystems where emerging entrepreneurs have been able to flourish.

In 2015, Egypt hosted the Tripartite Summit where a free trade agreement was signed, bringing together three regional economic communities, SADC, EAC and COMESA, effectively creating, with its 26 Member States, the largest trading block on the continent. This ‘borderless economy’ would rank as 15th in the world in terms of GDP.

Speaking on the Forum, H.E. Dr. Sahar Nasr, Egypt’s Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, reiterated the African opportunity based on business-minded reforms taking place across the continent: “The Forum has the objective of promoting investments into our continent, and especially cross-border investments. In Egypt, we have undertaken an ambitious economic reform programme, of which a key ingredient is improving the business environment and overall country competitiveness. Such efforts go hand-in-hand with our commitment to serve as a strategic gateway for Africa and the world.”

As part of the Forum, Egypt will be showcasing its flagship mega-projects including the construction of a new capital city 45km outside of Cairo, and a number of industrial and special economic zone projects along the Suez Canal, among others.

This Forum reinforces Egypt’s commitment to support and enhance the economic and cultural integration of Africa and to spur investment into what is still one of the fastest growing regions in the world.

Commenting on the sustained investor confidence with regards to Africa and the Forum, Heba Salama, COMESA Regional Investment Agency Director, says that “Africa, and in particular the COMESA Region, continues to offer some of the best returns on investment in the world. Africa 2017 will be an unparalleled occasion to gather the architects of Africa’s future and drive further the transformative investment projects of tomorrow”.

The Forum is by invitation only. Interested parties can apply for an invitation through the event


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sabato, 20 Gennaio 2018 / Pubblicato il news, notizie dall' africa

Dr. Nasr: “The political leadership is keen on achieving effective cooperation between African countries through the conference … Egypt emphasizes its African role through hosting the largest investment platform in Africa”.

Heba Salama: “Africa 2017 would be a platform for introducing further investment projects in the Continent”.

Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, MIIC will organize the “Africa 2017” Conference entitled “Business for Africa, Egypt and the World” during the period from 7 to 9 December 2017 in Sharm El-Sheikh, in presence of heads of states, governments and ministries from various African countries as well as representatives of Egypt’s development partners and high-level figures in the business field from Egypt, Africa and worldwide with a view to promote investments for inclusive growth.

Dr. Nasr emphasized that the Egyptian political leadership was keen on achieving effective cooperation between African countries and on achieving sustainable development, which would positively affect the African people’s lives through cooperation in attracting investments. She added that the 2017 conference built on the success of the inaugural Africa 2016 held under the patronage of the President and in his presence, where six African heads of state and more than 1,400 delegates participated, and where over 300 one-to-one meetings took place.

The Minister pointed out that Africa 2017 was a unique platform, bringing together policy makers, financiers, African investors, and the world countries to promote investments in strategic sectors. Egypt was positioned to be a gateway for investors in Africa and the Conference would contribute to supporting and promoting investment between the world and Africa through Egypt.

According to Dr. Nasr, Egypt emphasized its African role through hosting the “Africa 2017” Conference, one of the largest investment platforms in Africa to present the available investment opportunities. This, as stated by the Minister, would contribute to making use of its natural resources and establishing major projects based on such resources, thereby raising standards of living and eliminating the problems of poverty and immigration.

Further, the Minister clarified that the Conference would include the convention of sessions for national projects and available investment opportunities in Egypt as well as the entrepreneurs’ forum and rapid-growth companies in Africa. This is in addition to holding sessions for entrepreneurs to become familiarized with the challenges facing start-ups, including financing, opening new markets, enhancing leadership skills and providing investors with ideas. The Conference will also provide the opportunity to build a partnership between entrepreneurs, companies and participating financial institutions.

Moreover, the Minister mentioned that the Conference would also include several general sessions for discussing vital issues, among of which are private economic zones, cities and urban development, renewable energy, power generation and distribution, long-term investment, reforms of the business environment, cross-border trade and investment among African countries, available investment opportunities in Africa, and success stories of African women working in the field of business and investment.

Several sectors of strategic importance would also be covered, including agriculture, infrastructure, and energy as well as the technology-supporting society.

On her part, Director of COMESA Regional Investment Agency Ms. Heba Salama stated “Egypt, particularly the COMESA area, is still providing the best investment returns worldwide”. “Africa 2017 will be a platform for introducing further investment projects in the Continent,” she added.

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi reiterated his intent on bringing Africa closer together at Africa 2017 Forum, both politically and economically. The Forum wraps up with a focus on China-Africa cooperation

Sharm El Sheikh: The Africa 2017 Forum wrapped up in the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el Sheikh with a clear message of intent from President Al Sisi to bring Africa closer together.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi hosted five African heads of state and top business leaders from across the continent. The Heads of State stressed on the need for self-reliance and domestic resource mobilisation. The event offered business owners with an opportunity to meet investors, engage with political leaders and policy makers and explore new ideas to improve business environment across the continent.

In two private roundtables held on the sidelines of the event that the President held alongside other African heads of state and business leaders from Egypt and the rest of the continent, it was said that Al Sisi would do whatever he could to bring the continent together, both politically and economically.

The Forum had a strong focus on increasing intra-Africa trade, inclusive growth and stronger China-Africa cooperation, especially in terms of technology transfer.

During the event, Egypt also has signed a deal with the World Bank for a USD $1.15 billion development policy loan to fund the government’s plan to boost economy. It is the last one in a series of three annual loans provided from 2015 to 2017 totalling USD 3.15 billion . The deal supports the Egyptian economic reform program aimed at creating jobs, ensuring energy security, strengthening public finances and enhancing business competitiveness.

The final day of the Forum focused on industrial revolution for Africa and China-Africa economic relations. It was agreed that China-Africa relationship was a win-win one. Ambassador Helen Hai, CEO, Made in Africa initiative, China, said China had a clear strategy for Africa but the continent needs to be in the driving seat when it comes to discussions about the China-Africa relationship. She said the relationship was moving on from resources to partnerships with African countries but they needed to be clear about what they wanted from China. She said 85 million jobs were likely to be exported from China in the next few years as labour costs increased in that country and Africa was well placed to attract them. “If Africa can capture those jobs they can enjoy the same economic transformation China had.”

However, Carlos Lopes, Former Executive Secretary, UNECA, and Professor, Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice, University of Cape Town, Guinea-Bissau, said it was not inevitable that the jobs would migrate to Africa.

He warned that many jobs that could move out of China could be replaced by robots and automation, not Africans, and that other regions would also compete for the kind of jobs that Africa seeks – those at the lower end of the value chain. “A few African countries will make it, but not all,” he said.

“This huge move to get jobs can be elusive if we are not fast enough in creating opportunities. The window is closing very fast. We need to move quickly and do so in a way that is commensurate with the interests of China’s strategy.”

The three-day event , organised by Egypt’s Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation and the COMESA Regional Investment Agency (RIA), saw over 2,000 delegates from 75 countries attend the Forum. Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Sahar Nasr said that the forum’s sessions offered a chance to exchange expertise and showcase investment opportunities in Egypt and Africa.

The conference has put forward five recommendations:

1- Pumping new investments in Africa to boost economic growth and development

2- The establishment of joint projects, particularly in infrastructure, to support investment and trade among African states.

3- Enhancing the role of the African private sector to increase investment rates in the continent.

4- The execution of programs that encourage entrepreneurship and the adoption of programs that would increase youth’s participation in the African economy.

5- Empowering women in all fields of economic activity, considering them as active members in the process of developing Africa and achieving economic stability.

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L’ex stella del Milan sconfigge il vice presidente Joseph Bokai. L’avvicendamento con la presidentessa Sirleaf avverrà il 22 gennaio.

Ora è ufficiale. George Weah ha vinto le elezioni presidenziali in Liberia. Lo afferma la commissione elettorale liberiana, dopo il conteggio del 98,1% delle schede: l’ex campione del Milan ha ottenuto il 61,5% dei voti, battendo così lo sfidante Joseph Boakai, finora vice presidente. Il primo turno delle presidenziali si era tenuto lo scorso 10 ottobre. Per il ballottaggio, invece, si è votato martedì 26 dicembre. Al primo turno Weah era arrivato in testa ottenendo il 38,4% dei voti, mentre Boakai si era fermato al 28,8%. L’avvicendamento con la attuale presidente Ellen Johnson Sirleaf è in programma per il 22 gennaio. Si tratterà della prima transizione democratica fra due presidenti eletti nel Paese dal 1944.
RICORDO — Non è stupito della vittoria del suo ex compagno di squadra Demetrio Albertini in un’intervista alla Stampa: ” Weah aveva doti da leader anche in campo. La sua personalità era già molto delineata. Per me fare politica significa donarsi, e lui in questo senso era molto predisposto. Si è sempre impegnato per il suo popolo, per i suoi `fratelli´, come li chiama”. —
PROVACI ANCORA — Weah in realtà si era già candidato alla presidenza: “La prima volta lo fece soprattutto con il cuore ma negli anni ha studiato per diventare presidente. Perché anche la politica si studia”, osserva Albertini, che all’ex compagno di squadra augura di “aiutare la Liberia a trovare stabilità. È il suo sogno e il suo obiettivo, e lo sport ti allena a superare le divisioni proprio per raggiungere obiettivi comuni”. Il campione liberiano si era già presentato alle elezioni nel 2005 e a quelle del 2011 come numero due di Winston Tubman, ma perse di nuovo.
EREDITÀ — Proprio nel 2005 era stato battuto dalla attuale presidente Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, prima donna capo di Stato di un Paese africano e vincitrice di un Nobel per la pace. Sotto il suo mandato è stato ottenuto il ritiro della missione di pace dell’Onu dalla Liberia, attiva dal 2003 al 2016, e di tutte le sanzioni che l’Onu aveva imposto al Paese per il conflitto, ottenendo importanti risultati nel processo di stabilizzazione nazionale, elogiati dall’allora segretario generale delle Nazioni Unite Ban Ki-moon. Weah nel suo programma ha promesso istruzione gratuita dall’asilo alle superiori, nonché l’accelerazione nella creazione di posti di lavoro.
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Si terrà dopodomani venerdì la cerimonia di giuramento del nuovo presidente dello Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa: lo scrive il sito dell’emittente pubblica del paese, la Zbc, il giorno dopo le dimissioni dell’ormai ex capo di Stato Robert Mugabe. “Il compagno Mnangagwa arriverà nel paese oggi alle sei del pomeriggio alla base aerea di Manyame, ad Harare”, precisa il sito citando proprie “buone” fonti ufficiali.

Mnangagwa è tornato in Zimbabwe ed è ora nella capitale, Harare. Lo ha confermato il capogruppo del formazione di governo, Lovemore Matuke, precisando che Mnangagwa incontrerà componenti del Comitato centrale alla sede del partito per informarsi “su quello che è avvenuto in sua assenza” Persone si sono radunate davanti ala sede del partito Zanu-Pf per aspettarlo. Clacson e grida festose sono state udite al passaggio del suo convoglio nella capitale.

“Mugabe si è dimesso”, ha annunciato lo speaker del Parlamento dello Zimbabwe, precisando di avere ricevuto una lettera dell’anziano leader. Un coro di acclamazioni e giubilo è esploso tra i deputati del Parlamento dello Zimbabwe quando lo speaker ha annunciato che il presidente Robert Mugabe si è dimesso. Lo speaker ha dunque interrotto le procedure di impeachment precisando di avere ricevuto una lettera dell’anziano leader con le sue dimissioni “che hanno effetto immediato”. Dopo 37 anni al potere si chiude l’era del più anziano capo di stato al mondo.

“Io, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, ai sensi dell’articolo 96 della Costituzione dello Zimbabwe, qui formalmente presento le mie dimissioni (…) con effetto immediato”, ha detto il presidente del parlamento di Harare, Jacob Mudenda, che ha letto la lettera di dimissioni.

La folla ha esultato per le strade di Harare, capitale dello Zimbabwe, all’annuncio delle dimissioni del presidente. La città è esplosa in cori di giubilo, accompagnati da gente che cantava, ballava, mentre nelle auto in molti suonavano i clacson. Lo scorso fine settimana sempre ad Harare si era svolta una imponente manifestazione per chiedere le dimissioni dell’anziano leader.

Tv stato annuncia due ore dopo dimissioni Mugabe – L’emittente statale dello Zimbabwe ha annunciato la notizia delle dimissioni del presidente Mugabe, esattamente due ore dopo l’annuncio dato in diretta dallo speaker del Parlamento. Un annuncio accompagnato da scene di gioia da parte dei parlamentari – che stavano discutendo delle procedure di impeachment – e della gente per strada. L’emittente ha continuato a mandare in onda un programma sull’agricoltura quando si è diffusa la notizia ad Harare che l’anziano leader rassegnava le dimissioni e non ha interrotto le trasmissioni con una ‘Breaking News’.

Militari mettono in guardia su possibili vendette – “Ogni vendetta sarà punita severamente”. Con queste parole il generale Constantino Chiwenga, capo delle forze armate nello Zimbabwe ha messo in guardia il Paese e la popolazione a non prendere di mira gli ‘avversari’ dopo le dimissioni del presidente Robert Mugabe.

Usa, ‘momento storico, ora elezioni libere’ – L’ambasciata Usa in Zimbabwe ha definito le dimissioni del presidente Robert Mugabe “un momento storico” per il Paese e si è congratulata con il popolo che ha fatto sentire la sua voce. “Qualsiasi accordo a breve termine il governo possa prendere, la strada da seguire deve portare a elezioni libere, eque e inclusive”, ha fatto sapere la sede diplomatica americana. Gli Stati Uniti hanno poi sollecitato “il rispetto senza tentennamenti dello stato di diritto”.

May, ‘finisce oppressione, ora nuova era’ – Le dimissioni di Robert Mugabe sono “una opportunità per aprire una nuova era libera dall’oppressione che ha caratterizzato la sua presidenza”. La premier britannica Theresa May ha commentato così le dimissioni dell’anziano leader, precisando che il popolo dello Zimbabwe ha dimostrato di “volere elezioni libere e giuste per ricostruire l’economia del Paese con un governo legittimo”. May ha aggiunto che il regno Unito è “un vecchio alleato” dello Zimbabwe e “aiuterà il Paese ad avere il futuro radioso che merita”.